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IDCountryResearcherThematic area/fieldPublishedMore
2360 Turkey Sefer Darıcı HS4 Individuals, institutions, markets 2021-07-28 Read
2321 India Veerendra Chitturi ST8 Production and processes engineering 2021-07-16 Read
2271 United States Marzena Abrahamik HS1 Fundamental questions of human existence and the nature of reality 2021-07-09 Read
2257 Republic of Korea Seyed Jamal Aldin Hosseini 2021-07-07 Read
2250 Ethiopia Habtamu Goshu NZ2 Genetics, genomics 2021-07-06 Read
2254 United Kingdom Tomasz Cudejko NZ7 Diagnostic tools, therapies and public health 2021-07-06 Read
2238 China Rafal Maciej Madonski ST7 Systems and communication engineering 2021-07-06 Read