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IDCountryResearcherThematic area/fieldPublishedMore
4501 Ukraine Olga Kuzmuk HS4 Individuals, institutions, markets 2022-12-06 Read
4416 Georgia Ketevan Mosashvili HS1 Fundamental questions of human existence and the nature of reality 2022-11-08 Read
4411 Ukraine Vasylyna Kopach ST5 Materials 2022-11-03 Read
4383 Peru Jorge Luis Palomino Tamayo ST8 Production and processes engineering 2022-10-28 Read
4348 Turkey Ugur Bulgan HS5 Norms and governance 2022-10-25 Read
4329 Ethiopia Jemal Jibril Muhammed ST5 Materials 2022-10-17 Read
4308 Brazil Alexander Rodrigues de Castro HS5 Norms and governance 2022-10-13 Read
4285 India CHANDRU P ST5 Materials 2022-10-11 Read
4301 India Om Prakash ST4 Chemistry 2022-10-11 Read
4278 Japan Sethumathavan Vadivel ST4 Chemistry 2022-10-03 Read
4261 Tunisia Debbichi Mourad ST3 Condensed matter physics 2022-09-28 Read
3859 India HIMANI MALIK ST5 Materials 2022-09-20 Read
4244 India HIMANI MALIK ST5 Materials 2022-09-20 Read
3973 India SURYA KANT SAHDEO ST5 Materials 2022-06-02 Read
3960 Nigeria Ayodeji Adegun ST4 Chemistry 2022-05-31 Read