Researcher: Jemal Jibril Muhammed

Information about Researcher Jemal Jibril Muhammed


First nameJemal Jibril
Last nameMuhammed
Academic titleDr.
OrganisationJimma University
Thematic area/fieldST – Physical Sciences and Engineering / ST5 Materials
Key wordsStabilisation, soft clay, critical infrastructure, carbon-negative, sustainability, CO2, circular economy


Short summary of activities and expertiseThe research project focuses on the stabilization of problematic soft clay deposits with economical and environmentally friendly stabilization agents. The stabilization aims to improve the stability of critical infrastructure (CI) and reduce the emission of CO2. The proposed project will have the following key activities: • Signing of agreements with POLONEZ BIS and host institution • Employing project researchers such as co-investigators, Master's and Ph.D. students, etc. • Experimental development: o Collection of soft soil samples and carbon-negative stabilization agents such as bio-ash, geopolymers, etc. o Conducting geotechnical and microstructural laboratory tests such as:  Identification tests (grain size analysis, Atterberg limits, Specific gravities)  Mechanical tests (UCS, Consolidation, triaxial).  Chemical, spectroscopy, microscopy, (XRD, EDX, SEM, XRF, etc. ) • Data analyses and documentation • Communication of Research outputs through presentations, conferences, valorizations, workshops, publications, and reports. Expertise: The following fields are relevant to the project: • Civil engineering • Geotechnical engineering • Construction materials engineering • Materials science and engineering/ Chemical engineering
Relevant publications and/or research/innovation products1- Stabilization and Modelling of soft clays with PVD 2- Statistical and uncertainty analyses of soft soils settlements 3- Probabilistic analyses of bridge foundations on undrained clay 4- Correlation of CBR and DCP for subgrade soils 5- Characterization of expansive and lateritic tropical soils
Other relevant achievementsPracticing Professional Engineer (PPE) - licensed Senior geotechnical engineer Best oral presenter at national conferences Advisor to a number of master's and Ph.D. students in related areas 10+ industry experiences 14+ teaching experiences
Preferred Host Institution type Public, Academic, Research centre
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Email jj.civil7@gmail.com
Phone number+251911768388