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IDCountryResearcherThematic area/fieldPublishedMore
3541 India Komal Agrawal NZ9 Fundamentals of applied life sciences and biotechnology 2022-03-16 Read
3471 Italy Davide Benedetto Tiz ST4 Chemistry 2022-03-16 Read
3467 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Tianyu Zhang HS2 Culture and cultural production 2022-02-17 Read
2238 China Rafal Maciej Madonski ST7 Systems and communication engineering 2022-01-18 Read
3360 India Praveen Rai NZ1 Molecular biology, structural biology, biotechnology 2022-01-18 Read
3354 Belarus Aksana Shyrko 2022-01-18 Read
3308 India Rajath Krishna Radhakrishnan ST2 Fundamental constituents of matter 2021-12-16 Read
3303 India Suman Dhingra ST4 Chemistry 2021-12-13 Read
3269 India Rajasekhar Reddy Seelam ST5 Materials 2021-12-06 Read
3216 Netherlands Zhengxuan Liu ST7 Systems and communication engineering 2021-11-29 Read
3183 India Hari Prakash Palaniswamy NZ7 Diagnostic tools, therapies and public health 2021-11-24 Read
2986 Belarus Alena Harbiankova HS4 Individuals, institutions, markets 2021-11-18 Read
3109 Belarus Alena Harbiankova HS6 Human nature and human society 2021-11-18 Read
3118 India SADAF JETHVA ST3 Condensed matter physics 2021-11-18 Read
3119 Turkey A. kadir Çüçen HS1 Fundamental questions of human existence and the nature of reality 2021-11-18 Read