Information about Researcher SURYA KANT SAHDEO


First nameSURYA KANT
Last nameSAHDEO
Academic titlePostdoctoral Researcher
OrganisationIIT Madras
Thematic area/fieldST – Physical Sciences and Engineering / ST5 Materials
Key wordsConcrete materials; Supplementary cementitous Material; Recycled Concrete aggregate; Ultra-high performance concrete


Short summary of activities and expertiseCurrently, I am working on estimating the fesibility of alternate binding materials for the production of ultra high performace concrete. Also, the parental composition of the alternate materials and behavior on the service life of the concrete structures. My expertise includes characterization of materials at the microstructural level, supplementary cementitious materials, pervious concrete/roller compacted concrete, etc. Looking forward to suggesting suitable measures to extend the life expectancy of concrete structure to acheive the goal of sustainable construction.
Relevant publications and/or research/innovation products1) 1. Sahdeo S.K., GD Ransinchung 2022 “Hydrological and strength characteristics of Pervious Concrete Mixes Containing Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement aggregates and Bagasse ash” Advances in Civil Engineering Materials; https://doi.org/doi:10.1520/ACEM20210073. (ASTM) Impact Factor- 1.21 2) Sahdeo, S.K., Ransinchung G., and Debbarma, S , 2022 “Comparative Analysis on Laboratory and Prototype Model of Pervious Concrete Mixes Containing Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Aggregates”. Transportation Research Record, (SAGE) DOI: 10.1177/03611981211069938 Impact Factor 1.56 3) Sahdeo, S.K., Ransinchung, G., Rahul, K.L., and Debbarma. S 2021 “Reclaimed asphalt pavement as a substitution to natural coarse aggregate for the production of sustainable pervious concrete pavement mixes” Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 33(2), p.04020469. (ASCE) Impact Factor 3.266 4. Sahdeo, S.K., Ransinchung RN, G.D. and Singh, A., 2021 “Microstructural and Pore Skeleton Characteristics of Pervious Concrete Containing RAP Aggregates Using X-Ray Micro-computed Tomography and Scanning Electron Microscope” Journal of Transportation Engineering, Part B: Pavements, 147(4), p.04021064. (ASCE) Impact Factor 1.91 5. Sahdeo, S.K., Ransinchung, G., Rahul, K.L., and Debbarma, S 2020 “Effect of mix proportion on the structural and functional properties of pervious concrete paving mixtures” Construction and Building Materials, 255, 119260 (Elsevier) Impact Factor 6.141 6. Sahdeo, S.K., Chandrappa, A. and Biligiri, K.P., 2021 “Effect of Compaction Type and Compaction Efforts on Structural and Functional Properties of Pervious Concrete” Transportation in Developing Economies, 7(2), pp.1-9. (Springer) 7. Debbarma S., G.D Ransinchung, S Singh, SK Sahdeo 2020 “Utilization of industrial and agricultural wastes for productions of sustainable roller compacted concrete pavement mixes containing reclaimed asphalt pavement aggregates” Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 152, 104504. (Elsevier) IF 10.204
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Preferred Host Institution type Public, Academic, Research centre
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Email sry.kant007@gmail.com
Phone number9475181646