Researcher: Ugur Bulgan

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First nameUgur
Last nameBulgan
Academic titledr
Thematic area/fieldHS – Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences / HS5 Norms and governance
Key wordshistorical injustice; transitional justice; queer studies; political philosophy


Short summary of activities and expertiseAfter completing my bachelor's and master’s degrees in Political Science at Istanbul University and the University of Pavia, I pursued a doctoral degree in Political Theory at the University of Milan. My doctoral research was shaped by intriguing questions about the phenomenon of terrorism, particularly those of post-terrorism justice. I theorized a normative account of justice after terrorism. Contrary to the conventional strand of literature on preventing the recurrence of terrorism, I did not focus on the ethical questions raised in the practice of the war on terror or the similar preventive or pre-emptive acts of states. Instead, I took a relational perspective on societal reconciliation and dwelled on the questions of when and how to stop military fighting against terrorists, how to reverse the moral injury of the victims of terrorism, and how to ground stable peace and reconciliation in the state of being mutually recognized. It is hoped that the work I have produced will contribute to the literature on terrorism studies and transitional justice. My ongoing research agenda consists of editing and restructuring three chapters of my doctoral dissertation in order to prepare three academic papers for publication. My long-term research plan discusses how we should justly vindicate centuries-long and ongoing queer injustice in contemporary liberal democratic societies by focusing on institutional and relational transformation. With the realization of this research project, I hope to reconstruct relational transitional justice theory to theorize the just response to queer injustice. I have already published an academic article regarding marriage inequality, which is a particular case of queer injustice, by using a similar argumentative structure.
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