Researcher: Sethumathavan Vadivel

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First nameSethumathavan
Last nameVadivel
Academic titleJSPS Fellow
OrganisationTokyo Institute of Technology
Thematic area/fieldST – Physical Sciences and Engineering / ST4 Chemistry
Key wordsEnergy Storage, Catalysis, Materials


Short summary of activities and expertiseI am Dr. Sethumathavan Vadivel, JSPS Fellow from Tokyo Institute of Technology-Japan. It is my immense pleasure to apply for the position in your esteemed Research Group. At present, I am working as a Post-Doctoral Research fellow which was funded by Japan Society for Promotion of Science (Standard) in the Department of Civil Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. In December of 2019, December I was awarded the Chinese Academy of Science President award (PIFI) in Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP). Furthermore, I have obtained my PhD from Anna University-India under the title "Synthesis of Bismuth Based Composites for Environmental and Energy Applications," My specialization was Chemistry for B.Sc, M.Sc and PhD. I have been exposed to solved problems in the synthesis of various carbon materials, with different morphologies and utilized in photocatalysis, and supercapacitor applications. Key qualifications I gained during my Postdoctoral and PhD studies A strong education in chemistry, and materials synthesis and have expertise in writing research articles and proposals. Published 71 research articles in leading Publishers like RSC, Wiley, Elsevier, Springer, MDPI, Taylor and Francis, ASP. Published 10 Book Chapter in leading Publishers like ACS, Wiley, Elsevier, and Materials Research Forum  Hands-on experience in the synthesis of functionalized Graphene oxide, Carbon nitrides (g-C3N4, g-C3N5), Layered Double Hydroxides (LDH’S), Metal Organic Frameworks, Core-Shell architectures, etc., 10 years of experience in reading chemical mechanisms, interpreting analytical results. Interdisciplinary researcher with strong analytical skills in various applied science and Engineering disciplines. I hope the interdisciplinary approach and the facilities in research offered by you are the perfect opportunities to showcase my skills and knowledge gained through my career. Kindly, refer to my CV for more information about my r
Relevant publications and/or research/innovation products1) Photocatalysts, Water treatment, Sustainable materials, Water Splitting, Metal organic Frameworks (MOF), Supercapacitor (Graphene/CNT-based supercapacitor electrodes) 2) No of Publications: 71, BookChapters: 10, Cumulative impact factors:~300 3) TotalCitations:2590,h-index:28,i-10index:52. 4) Researcher ID: E-9103-2015 (Web of Science) 5) Google Scholar ID: https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=6aEDtpwAAAAJ&hl=en 1. Sethumathavan Vadivel*, Manabu Fujii, Saravanan Rajendran “Novel S-scheme 2D/2D Bi4O5Br2 nanoplatelets/g-C3N5 heterojunctions with enhanced photocatalytic activity towards organic pollutants removal” 213 (2022) 113736, Enviromental Research, Impact Factor: 8.431. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.envres.2022.113736 2. Harshavardhan Mohan, Sethumathavan Vadivel, Pavithra Muthukumar Sathya, Manabu Fujii, Ga Hyeon Ha, Gitae Kim, and Taeho Shin, “Visible-Light Photocatalytic Water Splitting and Norfloxacin Degradation by Reduced Graphene Oxide-Coupled MnON Nanospheres”, ACS Applied Energy Materials, Impact Factor: 6.959 (Article in Press) https://doi.org/10.1021/acsaem.2c02455 3. Sethumathavan Vadivel*, Manabu Fujii, Saravanan Rajendran, “Facile synthesis of broom stick like FeOCl/ g-C3N5 nanocomposite as novel Z-scheme photocatalysts for rapid degradation of pollutants” CHEMOSPHERE, 307, 2022-135716, Impact Factor: 8.943. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.chemosphere.2022.135716 4. Sethumathavan Vadivel*, Harshavardhan Mohan , Saravanan Rajendran “Removal of Harmful Algae in Natural Water by Semiconductor Photocatalysis- A critical Review" CHEMOSPHERE, 302 (2022). 134827, Impact Factor: 8.943. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.chemosphere.2022.134827 5. P Baraneedharan, Sethumathavan Vadivel*, CA Anil, SB Mohammed, Saravanan Rajendran, “Advances in preparation, mechanism and applications of various carbon materials in environmental applications: A review”, CHEMOSPHERE, 300, 2022-134596, Impact Factor: 8.943. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.chemosphere.2022.134596
Other relevant achievementsLISTOFINTERNATIONALAWARDSANDFELLOWSHIPSRECEIVED 1. “JSPS FELLOW” for Postdoctoral studies (Standard) 2020, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo-Japan, (https://www.jsps.go.jp/english/e-fellow/data/2020-2-e.pdf ) 2. “CHINESE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES-PIFI POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP” 2020- DICP, Dalian-China, (not accepted due to my prior commitment to JSPS award in Tokyo Institute of Technology) http://international- talent.cas.cn. 3. “EARLY CAREER RESEARCH AWARD (YOUNG SCIENTIST 2016”) Science and Engineering Research Board, DST-INDIA, https://serbonline.in/SERB/ecr 4. Ranked Top 2% Scientists worldwide reported by Stanford University: http://bit.ly/391Gn5Y&https://journals.plos.org/plosbiology/article?id=10.1371/journal.pbio.3000918 5. “Ratchadaphiseksomphot Endowment Fund”-2019, for Postdoctoral studies Chulalongkorn University- Thailand, (not accepted due to my prior commitment to JSPS award in Tokyo Institute of Technology).
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