Researcher: Ketevan Mosashvili

Information about Researcher Ketevan Mosashvili


First nameKetevan
Last nameMosashvili
Academic title
OrganisationTbilisi State University
Thematic area/fieldHS – Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences / HS1 Fundamental questions of human existence and the nature of reality
Key wordsWar trauma, refugees, meaning, religion, coping


Short summary of activities and expertiseI am a psychologist specialized in war trauma, displacement, and refugees. My formal education is Psychological Counseling (Bachelor’s and Master’s) followed by PhD in Personality and Clinical Psychology in 2016. My PhD research was about internally displaced people after the Russian armed conflict in 2008. I am interested how meaning making (finding a new meaning, redefining priorities etc.) and religion/spiritual beliefs help to cope people in stressful situations, especially with the war trauma; how displacement affects their well-being and what are the factors contributing to post traumatic growth. In addition, I am also interested how values and religious/spiritual development are contributing to both prejudice or tolerance. With the research collaborations across Europe and US, I gained extensive knowledge in the field of psychology and sociology of religion and positive psychology. My anticipated project will be about studying how Ukrainian refugees cope with the war trauma and forced displacement. What are the factors contributing to their adaptation? What are their stories? I am intending to conduct both quantitative (cross-sectional) and qualitative studies (interviews). Depending on developed collaborations, I anticipate to continue the research within the framework of another project to do longitudinal study.
Relevant publications and/or research/innovation products Mosashvili, Ketevan & Klein, Constantin (2017). Posttraumatic Growth in Case of Internal Displacement. Archive for the Psychology of Religion 39 (2):118-137.
Other relevant achievementsI am only listing here more - less recent extensive training in methodological part of conducting the research in psychology of religion: 1. Research in Religious Development: Theory-Methodology-Praxis in May, 2020 in Bielefeld University, Germany 2. Duke University Spirituality and Health Research Workshop in August, 2022 in Duke University, NC, USA 3. Currently I am teaching Statistics for researchers in Social Science in Brigdewater State University, MA, USA.
Preferred Host Institution type Public, Private, Academic, Research centre
Additional informationI am willing to work with the colleagues in writing proposal in order to match our research interests.


Email ketevan.mosashvili@tsu.ge
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