Researcher: Ayodeji Adegun

Information about Researcher Ayodeji Adegun


First nameAyodeji
Last nameAdegun
Academic titleDr
OrganisationAdekunle Ajasin University
Thematic area/fieldST – Physical Sciences and Engineering / ST4 Chemistry
Key words


Short summary of activities and expertiseCompetent in and knowledgeable about an array of common organic and Anaytical/Environmental Chemistry techniques and methods, including separation techniques, gas chromatography, and mass spectrometry.such as GC/FID, GC/MS, LC/MS, FTIR, AAS, 1D-NMR (multinuclear), UV/Vis, DSC, TGA, pH meters, wet-lab chemistry and other techniques. . Good with data analysis software (Microsoft Excel, XCalibur, Trace Finder). Able to develop new standard operating procedures in accordance with laboratory regulations, law, and quality control guidelines. Effective communicator who can comprehensively present complex ideas with colleagues and peers in both written and oral forms. Scrupulous and thorough analyst with excellent attention to detail when completing tasks. – Responsible worker who puts safety first and values compliance with accepted
Relevant publications and/or research/innovation productsAdegun O Ayodeji , Akinnifesi, A Thompson,Ololade I Ayodele, Rosa Busquet, Peter S.Hooda, Philip C.W Cheung, Adeniyi K. Aseperi and James Barker (2020).Quantification of Neonicotinoid Pesticides in Six Cultivable Fish Species from the River Owena in Nigeria and a Template for Food Safety Assessment Water 2020, 12(9), 2422; https://doi.org/10.3390/w12092422 Adegun O Ayodeji , Akinnifesi, A Thompson,Ololade I Ayodele, Olanisakin A Adebisi, Omodara B.Niyi (2020). Cabamates and Pyrethroid Pesticide Residues in Fish from Owena River, Ondo State, Nigeria and their Health Risk Evaluation. Scholars International Journal of Chemistry and Material Sciences Sciences 3 (4): 41-47. DO - 10.36348/sijcms.2020.v03i04. Adegun O Ayodeji , Akinnifesi, A Thompson,Ololade I Ayodele (2020).A Critical Review of Persistent Organic Pollutants and their Health Effects , Scholars International Journal of Chemistry and Material Sciences 3 (5): 48-57.DO - 10.36348/sijcms.2020.v03i05.001 Adegun Ayodeji Oluwole , Akinnifesi, A Thompson, Ololade I Ayodele (2020). Effect of Carbamate and Pyrethroid Pesticide Residues on Cocoa-producing Soil, Sediment and Water of Owena River Basin Ondo State, NigeriaScholars International Journal of Chemistry and Material Sciences 3 (10): 178-187. DOI:10.36348/sijcms.2020.v03i10.005|
Other relevant achievementsWinner of Developing world scholarship for PhD students by Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund of the Royal Society of Chemistry (2019). Winner of Tugbiyele Prize for the best graduating student in Chemistry (2002).
Preferred Host Institution type Public, Academic, Research centre
Additional informationMy proposed project title is the development of methods and models for the determination of selected new emerging organic contaminants in the Southern region of Ondo State,Nigeria.


Email ayodeji2k15@gmail.com
Phone number+2348038475753