POLONEZ BIS 1 – decisions after the first stage of evaluation

Decisions for the POLONEZ BIS 1 proposals that have not been qualified for the second stage of evaluation were sent out on 28 March 2022.

Please note that decisions of the Director of the National Science Centre are served in the form of an electronic document sent to the e-mail address provided by the applicant in the proposal or their Electronic Correspondence Register (ESP ePUAP) address if it was specified.

Information was sent from the address: ncn.wnioski@ncn.gov.pl. and contains a link to download the decision of the Director of the National Science Centre.

The correspondence was generated automatically – please do not reply to the message you received. If you have any problems with access to the document, please contact the POLONEZ BIS Team polonez@ncn.gov.pl.

The status of your proposal is also displayed in the OSF system.