Congratulations to all 139 excellent MSCA Fellows awarded funding in the POLONEZ BIS Calls 1, 2 and 3. This section presents information you may find useful during the project implementation stage. It will be updated with instructions, document templates, guides, etc.

Fellow’s Vademecum

To help POLONEZ BIS Fellows at the  project implementation stage we have prepared the Fellow’s Vademecum. The guide provides practical information and answers many questions about managing your project. The brochure also includes dates of key POLONEZ BIS events and deadlines by which to submit information or documents necessary for the Centre to monitor the project progress.

Fellow’s Vademecum


Career Development Plan

Instruction when and how to update CDP 


Funding agreement 

How to prepare the funding agreement in the OSF system (includes links to document templates)

Signed funding agreements should be delivered to NCN within 2 months of receiving the funding decisions. The agreements delivered successfully will then wait for a formal check. We would like to remind you that the NCN’s Director will sign the agreement only after the Centre receives a document confirming that the principal investigator/Polonez  Bis Fellow has been employed by the Host Institution under the conditions defined in §2 (1-2) of the funding agreement (throughout the funding term under a full-time employment contract, solely for the purpose of performing research and training activities related to the POLONEZ BIS project’s implementation).

The Host Institution should submit the employment confirmation in electronic form (signed with a qualified electronic signature in PAdES format by an authorised representative), to the address of National Science Centre’s Electronic Delivery Box: /ncn/SkrytkaESP, within 7 days of the day the Fellow’s employment begins. Fellow’s employment for the purpose of POLONEZ BIS project must begin on the project start date.


Polish visa and residence permit

POLONEZ BIS Fellows who are citizens of countries that are not covered by the visa-free movement (list of the countries), have to apply for a visa to Poland before arrival. Visas are issued by Polish embassies/consulates located abroad (the list of consular units).  

Fellows should apply for national D-type visa and indicate the purpose of stay in Poland as “scientist/researcher, for the purpose of performing scientific research or development work”. This type of visa is issued for a maximum period of 1 year.   

More information on visa obtaining procedures is available on Euraxess Poland website (link): and on the website  of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (link).  

The NCN Director’s decision granting funds for the implementation of your POLONEZ BIS project should make the purpose of your arrival in Poland credible. However, other supporting documents may also be required depending on the country where the visa application is submitted. Document confirming employment in Poland should be issued by the Host Institution. 

Under POLONEZ BIS fellowship your stay in Poland exceeds 1 year. To legalise your longer stay you will have to obtain a residence permit (residence card), which is issued by the Voivodeship Office relevant for your Host Institution for a max. of 3 years with a possibility to extend. You can apply for the residence permit at any time within your legal stay in Poland (no later than your visa expiration date), but we recommend to do it early because the procedure may take up to 4 months. There are different types of permits including a temporary permit for scientists/researchers coming to Poland to conduct scientific research (more information).