4 additional projects funded!

Following the decision of four applicants not to carry out their projects funded under POLONEZ BIS 1 Call and POLONEZ BIS 3 Call, the National Science Centre launched the procedure to fund additional proposals from the waiting lists. The funding decisions were issued to two projects representing the domain of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, one project representing Life Sciences and one project from the domain of Physical Sciences and Engineering. 

Under POLONEZ BIS 3 Call funding decisions were issued for three additional projects. Dr Leila Elyasi will work at the Mossakowski Medical Research Institute PAS on the regenerative potential of stem cells from Human Exfoliated Deciduous teeth in Alzheimer’s disease. Dr Cillian Ó Fathaigh will be employed at the Jagiellonian University to research the role of injustice in the digital public sphere. The third of the shortlisted projects will be based at the Institute of Physical Chemistry, PAS. Its Principal Investigator, dr Disha, will focus on development of biowaste-derived carbon dots and metal-organic frameworks heterostructures to build a platform for printable biosensors.

Dr Tom Whyman recruited in the POLONEZ BIS Call 1 will work at the Jagiellonian University on exploring the concept of human “natality” in Hannah Arendt’s philosophy in the context of preventing climate catastrophe and educating the next generation to fight climate change.

Additional ranking lists: POLONEZ BIS 1 Call and POLONEZ BIS 3 Call

The waiting lists were approved by the Expert Teams and include proposals which scored at least 70 points but fell outside the limit of funds allocated by the Council for research projects within specific groups of disciplines. The Centre refused to grant funds to implement the proposals placed on the waiting lists, with a reservation that a project placed on the waiting list may receive funding if another applicant resigns.