Researcher: Olena Rosinska

Information about Researcher Olena Rosinska


First nameOlena
Last nameRosinska
Academic titlePhD
Thematic area/fieldHS – Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences / HS6 Human nature and human society
Key wordsjournalism, media communications, social groups, migration, narrative


Short summary of activities and expertiseI study media psychology in context of social problems and public reactions to these problems, displaying reactions in social media. The latest events brought up to date the research of political narratives related to the countries in conflict and to the countries beyond the immediate participation in the conflict which form their civil and political stance. These researches are important for establishing theoretic principles of political narratives formation through the means of mass information, optimization of forms and content study of current political communication, determination of widening, narrowing or re-orientation of a particular political discourse. The area of research requires involvement of instruments from several related sciences: media psychology, communicativistics, linguistics, sociology, that determines the search of new research methods regarding political communication. The purpose of research is to determine peculiarities of a political narrative related to formation of Ukraine’s and Russia’s images as participants of armed stand-off in the Ukrainian, Polish and English-speaking online-media, to determine the instruments of forming a particular political discourse, change in the course of narratives as a method of forming a political discourse, to analyse communicative instruments of forming the country’s image in media environment. The importance of studying the political narrative is specified by its notable influence on a public opinion, which is depicted further in the images of everyday conscientiousness of the society members as mythological images, stereotypes, values. While researching, it is planned to perform the following tasks: theoretic clarification of political discourse and narrative notions, development of research methodology of these communicative structures, grounded content-analysis of media texts in the media of Ukraine, Poland and English-speaking world issues/
Relevant publications and/or research/innovation products1. List of publication achievements (last 5 years) 1. Rosinska O., Zhuravska O., Gandziuk V. (2019). Stereotyped Media Images as a Method of Forming Delusions of Ordinary Consciousness. International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE). Vol. 9, Issue 2. p. 2607-2612. 2. Khamedova O., Zhuravska O., Rosinska O. (2020). The Muslim Woman Discourse in the Ukrainian Soviet Press of the 1920-1930s. Journal of History Culture and Art Research (Tarih Kültür ve Sanat Araştırmaları Dergisi).Vol. 9. No 3. 3. Khamedova O., Zhuravska O., Rosinska O., Gandziuk V. (2021). Gender Discrimination in the Media of Eastern Europe: A Historical and Comparative Aspect. Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities. Vol.1, № 13. 4. Rosinska, O., Horbenko, H., & Zhuravska, O. (2021). Reseaching the Aspects of Interaction Between Educators and Students In The Distance Learning System. Journal of Information Technologies in Education (ITE), (45). https://doi.org/10.14308/ite000731. 5. Rosinska, O., Horbenko, H., & Zhuravska, O. (2021). Satisfaction with distant learning and end-of-course productivity. Pedagogy of creative personality formation in higher and general academic schools, 74 (3). с. 97-104. ISSN 1992-5786; 2664-3529. 6. Rosinska O. (2018). Artistic chronotope of corporeality (on the material of women's poetry of the XX-XXI century). UzhNU "Hoverla". 7. Rosinska O. (2018). Deconstruction of the sacred chronotope in postmodern poetry (based on S. Zhadan's poems). Literary process: methodology, names, trends. B. Hrinchenko Kyiv University. Philological sciences. V. 11. 8. Rosinska O. (2019). Manipulative influence of the media on consciousness in the conditions of information warfare. Bulletin of Lviv University. Journalism series. Vip. № 46. 9. Rosinska O. (2020) The associative field of the concept of "information security" in the discourse of media psychological education of student journalists. Communications and Communicative Technologies. Bu
Other relevant achievementsI work with an international company IREX: preparing training materials from media literacy
Preferred Host Institution type Academic, Research centre
Additional informationThe research must result into prepared publications, which may become materials for a monograph.


Email o.rosinska@kubg.edu.ua
Phone number789861772