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First nameJános
Last nameMolnár
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Thematic area/fieldST – Physical Sciences and Engineering / ST5 Materials
Key wordspolymers, structure-property realtionships in semicrystalline polymers, haze, modulus, simulation


Short summary of activities and expertiseI gained my BSc degree in Chemical Engineering with an excellent award in 2014, and my MSc in Engineering in Polymer and Fiber Technology with the highest-honors classification award in 2016 at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. In 2016 I conducted research for six months and gained professional experience at Singapore’s lead public sector R&D agency. A full range of responsibilities related to this project were given to me, from the experiments' statistical design to measurements and evaluation. I started my Ph.D. in 2016 at the George A. Olah Doctoral School of Chemistry and Chemical Technology Ph.D. Program in Chemical Engineering. I will defend my doctoral thesis this year. My Ph.D. research focuses on the structure-properties relationships of semicrystalline polymers and the simulation of properties based on the parameters of the crystalline structure. I worked with polyolefins as model materials, mainly with different types of neat and nucleated polypropylene, but I have practical experience with other polymers as well. I also have practical experience with different processing technologies and sample preparation techniques. I am also interested in polymer identification and characterization methods. I supervised three BSc and six MSc students and managed their research. I was responsible for holding laboratory practices, i.e., Rheology, Microscopy, Infrared spectroscopy of polymers, Thermal characterization of polymers. I was also responsible for instrument training and maintenance. I managed several diverse industrial projects and collaborations related to the techniques mentioned above on various samples and products. I am the first author of six published papers in peer-reviewed journals. I co-author one book chapter and five other publications in peer-reviewed journals. During my career, I gained different honors and awards. I have a share in two filed Hungarian patents and a filed international patent.
Relevant publications and/or research/innovation products1. Probabilistic numerical simulation for predicting spherulitic morphology from calorimetric crystallization conversion curves: An isothermal case J Molnár, Ö Sepsi, B Gaál, Z Zuba, M Dobrzyńska-Mizera, A Menyárd Materials & Design 212, 110245 2. Prediction of tensile modulus from calorimetric melting curves of polylactic acid with pronounced cold crystallization ability J Molnár, A Hertner-Horváth, A Menyhárd Polymer Testing 95, 10711 3. Modeling of light scattering and haze in semicrystalline polymers J Molnár, Ö Sepsi, G Erdei, S Lenk, F Ujhelyi, A Menyhárd Journal of Polymer Science 58 (13), 1787-1795 4. Polypropylene nucleation (Book chapter) F Horváth, J Molnár, A Menyhárd Polypropylene Handbook, 121-184 5. Prediction of tensile modulus of semicrystalline polymers from a single melting curve recorded by calorimetry J Molnár, A Jelinek, A Maloveczky, J Móczó, A Menyhárd Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 134 (1), 401-408
Other relevant achievements1. Self‐organization of micro reinforcements and the rules of crystal formation in polypropylene nucleated by non‐selective nucleating agents with dual nucleating ability A Menyhárd, J Molnár, Z Horváth, F Horváth, D Cavallo, P Polyák Polymer Crystallization 3 (6), e10136 2. Structural investigation of semicrystalline polymers J Molnár, Z Zuba, Ö Sepsi, F Ujhelyi, G Erdei, S Lenk, A Menyhárd Polymer Testing 95, 107098 3. Filed Patent: WO2021105731A1 APPARATUS FOR THE CONTROLLED DISPENSING OF A FEED SUPPLEMENT HYDROGEL WITH HIGH VISCOSITY 4. 2017 New National Excellence Program Scholarship. 5. 2017 National Conference of Scientific Students’ Associations, Second Prize.
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