Researcher: RONI BHOWMIK

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First nameRONI
Last nameBHOWMIK
Academic titleAssociate Professor
OrganisationGuangdong University of Foreign Studies
Thematic area/fieldHS – Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences / HS4 Individuals, institutions, markets
Key wordsEnvironmental economics, Financial economics


Short summary of activities and expertiseDr. Bhowmik is a financial economist whose work is focused on financial and environmental crises. His research and writing are rooted in market volatility, carbon emissions, time-series predictability, trade policies as well as using a different econometric model.
Relevant publications and/or research/innovation products1. Syed, Q. R., Bhowmik, R., Adedoyin, F. F., Alola, A. A. (2022). Do economic policy uncertainty and geopolitical risk surge CO2 emissions? New insights from panel quantile regression approach. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 1-17. (SCI, IF: 4.223) 2. Bhowmik, R., Zhu, Y., Gao, K. (2021). An analysis of trade cooperation: Central region in China and ASEAN. PloS ONE, 16(12), e0261270. (SCI, IF: 3.24) 3. Hashmi, S. M., Bhowmik, R., Inglesi-Lotz, R., Syed, Q. R. (2021). Investigating the Environmental Kuznets Curve hypothesis amidst geopolitical risk: Global evidence using bootstrap ARDL approach. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 1-14. (SCI, IF: 4.223) 4. Bhowmik, R., Syed, Q. R., Apergis, N., Alola, A. A., Gai, Z. (2021). Applying a dynamic ARDL approach to the Environmental Phillips Curve (EPC) hypothesis amid monetary, fiscal, and trade policy uncertainty in the US. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 1-15. (SCI, IF: 4.223) 5. Bhowmik, R., & Wang, S. (2019). Is the emerging Asian stock markets really predictable- based on the operations and information management? International Journal of Supply Chain Management, 8(1), 600-621. (SCOPUS)
Other relevant achievements1. 2021. 06 - 2022. 06. Project Title: Policy of environmental sustainability in China, Principal Researcher, budget: 8000 USD, Funding Agent: Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. 2. 2019. 01 - 2022. 12. Project Title: "养殖型家庭农场适度规模:内在机理、动态优化及系统绩效 (Optimal scale of family farming: Intrinsic mechanism, dynamic optimization and system performance)", Funding Agent: National Natural Science Foundation of China, Grant Number: 71863021, Position: Project Participation Member
Preferred Host Institution type Public, Academic, Research centre
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Email roni@amss.ac.cn
Phone number008615679287628