Secondment Offer: FAME|GRAPE

Information about Secondment Offer


RoleSecondment Offer
Organisation typeAcademic, Research centre, Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
Thematic area/fieldHS – Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences / HS4 Individuals, institutions, markets
Key wordsequality; efficiency; allocation
Short summary of your activities and expertise GRAPE is an independent, non-governmental research center in applied economics operated by FAME. We house a cheerful crew of accomplished academics and brilliant adepts and strive to produce high quality academic research (including working papers). Since foundation in 2011, GRAPE|FAME develops research programs in economics of inequality, pension systems, efficiency and misallocation, applied macroeconomics and cultural economics. Currently, FAME|GRAPE is ranked as the 6th best research economic research institution in Poland in Ideas/RePEc ranking. Each research program is organized in projects, because GRAPE is financed through scientific grants (https://grape.org.pl/projects#archive). In addition to refereed publications (https://grape.org.pl/publications), we circulate working papers (https://grape.org.pl/publications/wps) and policy reports (https://grape.org.pl/grape-on-policy). In the interest of academic integrity and transparency, we openly share data and methods (https://grape.org.pl/grape-on-data). We care about equality in academia, which is why we have developed and implemented a Gender Equality Plan. The academic development is supervised by the Scientific Council (https://grape.org.pl/fame/council). In addition to scientific research, GRAPE crew translates its academic experience to addressing social policy issues in Poland. Our pro bono policy projects are always based on rigorous research and draw on earlier experience from specific research projects. Our key competences include modeling of aging, its fiscal and macroeconomic consequences, analysis of individual and household data as well as field, laboratory and online experiments.
Possible activities during secondment
Major expected benefits of the secondmentAccess to data, Communication of research results to broader audiences, Creation of professional networks and collaborations, Exploration of new research possibilities, Development of public policies or providing expert advice
Will you be able to assign a mentor to support the researcher during the secondment phase?yes
Preferred secondment arrangementin one continued period
Estimated start of the secondment
Estimated end date of the collaboration
Anticipated total duration of the secondment in weeks12
Additional information Please, do not hesitate with the questions about your secondment opportunities: grape@grape.org.pl. We will be happy to carve your stay with us to suit your career development.
Candidate soughtWe are looking to support post-docs, who want to build their research portfolio to be able to apply for professorships and third-party funding. Our mission is to engage in high quality academic research, which impacts academia and policy. As a team, we do applied work, but with strong foundations in theory.
Candidatures deadline 2021-12-10


First nameJoanna
Last nameTyrowicz
Email grape@grape.org.pl
Phone number508172198