Hosting Offer: Collegium Civitas

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RoleHosting Offer
OrganisationCollegium Civitas
Organisation typeAcademic
HR Excellence in Research Award from the European Commissionno
National evaluation categoryB (good)
Faculty / Dept. / Division / Laboratory / Research group
Thematic area/fieldHS – Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences / HS1 Fundamental questions of human existence and the nature of reality
Key wordscivil society, popoulism, radicalisation, democracy, environmental challenges
Short summary of activities and expertise
Role and profile of key persons (incl. supervisor)
Previous and current involvement in research and training programmes
Relevant publications and/or research/innovation products
Key research facilities, infrastructure, and equipment
Hosting arrangements
Key research facilities, infrastructure, and equipment
Intersectoral secondments options
Other benefits
Candidate sought
Have you hosted POLONEZ Fellows or MSCA IF Fellows before?yes
Candidatures deadline


First nameKatarzyna
Last nameIwińska
Email kiwinska@civitas.edu.pl
Phone number502389836