POLONEZ BIS Call 1 results!

50 projects with a total budget of over 48 million PLN will be carried out by researchers from all continents. They will move to Poland under the POLONEZ BIS 1 call.

151 proposals were submitted in the recently concluded first call under POLONEZ BIS programme. Following the eligibility check and evaluation by international experts and reviewers, 50 projects were recommended for funding. The call’s success rate is 33.1%. NCN will fund 27 (54%) projects in science and technology, 14 (28%) in humanities and social sciences and 9 (18%) in life sciences.

Scientists awarded under the POLONEZ BIS 1 call  will move to Poland from all continents, from countries such as Germany, France, China, Australia, USA, Argentina and Egypt. The National Science Centre and the European Commission have committed a total of 48 million PLN to fund projects in this call.

We would like to remind those of you who have not been successful in this call that POLONEZ BIS 2 call for research proposals is open until the 15 June, and POLONEZ BIS 3 is scheduled to launch on 15 September 2022.


Decisions sent

Decisions for the POLONEZ BIS 1 proposals after the second stage of evaluation were sent out on 25 May 2022.

Please note that decisions of the Director of the National Science Centre are served in the form of an electronic document sent to the e-mail address provided by the applicant in the proposal or their Electronic Correspondence Delivery Box (ESP ePUAP) address if it was specified.

Information was sent from the address: ncn.wnioski@ncn.gov.pl. and contains a link to download the decision of the Director of the National Science Centre.

If you have any problems with access to the document, please contact the POLONEZ BIS Team at polonez@ncn.gov.pl. The status of your proposal is also displayed in the OSF system.