Researcher: HIMANI MALIK

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First nameHIMANI
Last nameMALIK
Academic title
OrganisationIndian Institute of Tecnology Kanpur
Thematic area/fieldST – Physical Sciences and Engineering / ST5 Materials
Key words2D materials, surface characterization


Short summary of activities and expertiseMy doctoral research is about studying the ultra-thin films of Functional molecules on the surface and understanding of their growth patterns depending on the external stimuli. I am well acquainted by the various surface characterizing techniques such as STM, AFM, AC-AFM, XPS, UV/Vis spectroscopy for the understanding of the material properties on surfaces.
Relevant publications and/or research/innovation products1. Molecule to Supramolecule: Chirality Induction, Inversion, and Amplification in a Mg(II)porphyrin Dimer Templated by Chiral Diols, A. Dhamija, B. Saha, D. Chandel, H. Malik, S. P. Rath, Inorg. Chem. 2020, 59, 801-809 2.Solvent and Temperature Dependent Assembly in Monolayer Film of Ferrocene‐Naphthyridine Hybrid on HOPG, Himani Malik, Prithwidip Saha, Kamaless Patra, Jitendra K. Bera, T. G. Gopakumar, Chem. Asian J. 2021 3. Light-Induced Quantitative and Electrical-Field Induced Barrier-Less Switching of Spiropyran Derivative on Graphite Surface, Himani Malik, Thomas Halbritter, Alexander Heckel, T. G. Gopakumar, J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2021 4. Enhancing the Electronic-Coupling and Band Gap Tunability in Ferrocenyl Molecular Ultra-Thin Film by Pd Doping, Himani Malik, Vinitra G., Sunny Gautam, R. Ramapanicker and T. G. Gopakumar. (Submitted 2022)
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Email himani@iitk.ac.in
Phone number08800156447